Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh for the love of the Dragon

Golden summer sap from deep in the lost river. Dragon from New Zealand did their duty with the cheese du jour 70's soft rock bubble pop. They were junked out and wrote songs about underage girls and island life. This is a greatest hits of their 70's material. Their 80's output burns my ears in a bad way but this stuff burns my ears in the best way possible.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help Yourself

1st Help Yourself record- 1971- a delicious little nugget of English Pub Rock for those of you into Buffalo Springfield /CSNY/Neil Young/etc.---- track #1 is an anomaly and should be forgotten-- this is the case on their other records as well, 1 song just don't fit-- very strange-- enjoy

It was........

It was a mad dream born of the sea's roar where the precious elements of life were passed on through endlessly repeating chains. From the floating bundles of rushes to the liners to port, the rivers created the cities. Rivers are the agency of nature that more than any other makes the earth usable by man. So why, in this thick yellow night, do its whispers so paralyze thee?

Troostite is a Band (kinda)